Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gagged Gals!!

I love being gagged! It adds to the helplessness! Trying to call out for rescue but you can't because you have something shoved in, over or both your mouth. Can anyone guess my favorite type of gag?


  1. And, as in some of the photos, it keeps you from communicating with the other bound and gagged women with you.

    Favorite gag? I'd have to say having a large wad of cloth stuffed into your mouth then a colorful scarf tied tightly over your mouth to keep it in place. Mmmmppphhh!

  2. That's true! Try as you might to communicate with your fellow damsel but you can't! Just looks of fear on both sides! You know me too well Stacy! Were we separated at birth? We might be sisters! LOL!

  3. I am going for a thick white cleave gag mmmmmmph all you like no one wiil hear you