Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wow!! Over 10,000 Views!!

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog -Over 10,000 views from damsel lovers all over the world!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kidnapped from the office!

These poor women were snatched as they were walking to their cars, right after work! I know how they feel because it's happen to me.... Not paying attention, getting ready to open the car door when  - MMMPPHH!! A tight, leather glove clamps down over your mouth!! You try to scream for help but you can't!! Then another strong arm wraps around your body, while at the same grabbing your wrist and pulling it behind your back! A voice tells you not to scream and your eyes light up wide from terror!! You struggle but the attacker is TOO STRONG!! He guides you to a van!!! NO!! PLEASE NO!! You look around for someone to save you but THERE'S NO ONE!! PLEASE, HELP!!! HELP ME!!! You struggle not to go toward the van but it's no use, between your heels keeping you unbalanced and the attacker's strength, it's useless!! He takes you and shoves you into the van, throws your purse that you dropped in the struggle and jumps in. The driver guns it and you are helpless on a dirty van floor, crawling toward the back, trying to keep away from your masked attacker!! P-p-please, don't hurt me, you plead but a smile shines on the masked man's face as he takes out some rope and reaches out to grab your leg! NO!!, you scream but he jumps on you and starts to tie your wrists!! You start to cry from fear as rope continues to wrap around your arms, then upper body, thighs and then ankles. After the rope, he tells you to open your mouth. Frightened, you do as the masked man says. He shoves a scarf into your mouth and quickly takes another and wraps it around your head, covering your lips!!
After he's tight your gag so tight, it's hard to breathe, he looks at you as you cower in terror, struggling against your tight bonds........ What an adventure that was!! Thank God the ransom was paid!!


Pleated Skirts Part 4

I have EVEN MORE images of damsels in their pleated skirts. I told you I like them!! Enjoy!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bow Blouses

One of the favorite item in my wardrobe are my bow blouses. Nothing, except a pleated skirt, makes a woman more feminine looking than a silk, bow blouse! Here are a few images for you....Enjoy!!