Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1950s Fashion

Here are a few pictures I found online of 1950s fashions. I am a HUGE fan of 1950s fashions! I have a few dresses and skirts from the 1950s that I wear when I get tied up. Very nice!! I hope you like!!! Enjoy!

Secretaries in Danger Part II

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Secretaries in Danger Part I

Every damsels favorite occupation - a secretary. I was one for a while. I loved dressing up nice every day and walking around in heels. I would often daydream of being tied and gagged by a masked man who broke in. He would round up the ladies and tie us all up. We would be give frightened looks to each other as we tried to free ourselves of our bonds. Here are a few secretaries who met the masked man who I want to meet.....Enjoy!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

....and Untied...For now!!

Damsels that are unaware they are going to be damsels dressed in turtlenecks! The last image is a special image for you guys....me in a turtleneck. I don't like to put images of myself online too often but I came across an old photo, well not too old, of me and my cell phone. I think my boyfriend took this picture. No laughing please!!


Wow! I haven't worn this outfit in a while. Time to shop for some new leather because I like it!!

Turtlenecked Damsels Tied......

Some shots of damsels in danger wearing one of my favorite pieces of clothes - turtleneck shirts and sweaters!!


Damsel in a turtleneck sinking in quicksand! So lucky!!

Knocked out and then ball gagged, wearing a nice turtleneck sweater!

She looks like she's having too much fun!