Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Double Trouble

I don't think I have ever been tied with another damsel but I wouldn't mind it sometime. The both of us well dressed ladies tied and gagged and struggling! Both of us 'mmmpphhing' for help! MMMmmm sounds like fun!!


  1. Two damsels are better than one Its great when they try to untie themselves while MMMMMMphing at each other

  2. I highly recommend that you try it, Christy. Very frustrating trying to get your fellow damsel to try to untie you when all you can say is "Mmph mmpphh ummpphh!" And when the two of you are tied together, you can feel ever movement she makes as the ropes pull tighter against you the more she struggles.

    All great photos! Especially like the two that show the ladies tied back-to-back on top of their desks. We don't dare struggle too hard for fear of falling off the desk!

  3. LOVE seeing these girls in TURTLENECKS!!

  4. Hannah is the President of the HOA in the community she lives in......part of her duties is to serve notices and fines to errant residents whom have complaints levied against them.
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