Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Basement Hostages!!

Kidnapped and now held captive in a dark, dirty basement! What are these poor females to do!! If only they could call out for rescue but since they are gagged so tight, they can't! And even if they could, who would hear them!!!


  1. My favorite to be left bound and gagged! Thank you, Christy. Expertly tied to a chair or post, unable to get free and too thoroughly gagged to make enough noise to be heard. Will anybody think to look for me down here? "MMMMPPPHHH!"

    1. I am loving the hand gagged damsel in the sexy boots

  2. Me encantan estas escenas de damisell felicidades

  3. Mandy is a very sweet, cute girly girl who works as a waitress and like most waitress's she has a regular book of business, customers who enjoy talking to her and always sit at her station..........the trouble starts when one of her customers seems to like her just a bit "too much"
    Dominic Wolfe's Gagged Beauties