Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leggy Damsels

Every woman loves to show off her beautiful legs. But for those legs to be tied up....MMmmmm!! I LOVE the look of my legs tied, with my heels still on as I struggle to free my helpless self. Here are some images of beautiful ladies and their sexy legs, some are already in danger! Some are soon to be DiDs!! Enjoy!!


  1. Replies
    1. I agree Captain and I just love the chair tied damsel in the red dress

  2. The second photo is what I would like to wear when I'm tied, the seventh is where I would like to be tied, and the last is how I would like to be tied and gagged.

    Great outfit on number 8 and nice boots on number 10. Great photos Christy!

  3. Glad I discovered your blog! I'm impressed when a real life damsel out there get's it, understands what is so lovely about a bound feminine sexy lady, and wants to be that! Legs are really a thing for me that can catch the eye and garner much appreciation, as well as private fantasies about how they would look roped together, and I love it when women themselves openly are on board with this! Sexy, elegant poses of well curved and exposed legs always scream out to me that they, and their owner, desperately desire to be tightly bound in ropes!

    Pardon if I missed if you had stated this in one of your blogs, but are stockings and/or pantyhose an additional part of your cute demure interest? Do you prefer one over the other? I prefer mostly pantyhose on a sweet damsel. Also, my favorite in this set of pics is the last image! (despite seeing the tops of stockings) The hiked up skirt, the silky blouse, the tight gag, the over-shoulder bonds holding the breast bonds cinched, and not only ankle and thigh bindings, but also upper calves! I always insist on at least three points of leg bindings on a captive sweetie, so well done! But the icing on the cake to me is her shoes! Those general type, especially black, but with open toes, high stiletto heels, and at least one ankle strap that can't be kicked out of are like a bit of mini-bondage in themselves for my leering eyes! I know you've stated you enjoy boots, and heels, but wanted to share that as a requirement to be "The Ultimate Damsel" in my book! Thanks for sharing on this interesting theme!

  4. This tale, this extremely intimate and delicate experience is not for the feint of heart. This is as REAL as it gets.
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  5. Wonderful collection of sexiness, especially Tomiko and Jasmin